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Endorsements from some of Gregg's students...

"Thank you so much for being such an inspiring teacher and a wonderful friend!  In the past few years, we were constantly fascinated by how you sparked Adam’s interest in piano and nurtured his creativity. What impressed us the most is how you customize your teaching according to each student’s strengths, and then teach with great patience and encouragement.  Adam especially liked the way you communicated with him using stories from Harry Potter.  It helped him enormously in understanding some of the piano pieces.  Adam enjoyed every minute of your class and always felt motivated after classes.  He has developed a deep love for classical music.  We are very grateful to you for this amazing journey!"

— Gonghu and Kathy

"Greg Pauley is an exceptional musician and teacher who inspires you to tell the story or paint the picture in your music, and then gives you the tools and inspiration to get there, a rare gift in a teacher." 

— Selma B.

"I feel so very fortunate to be studying piano with Gregg. I have taken lessons with him for the last 7 years. Gregg is by far the most talented teacher. I have learned more than I could have ever imagine."

— Betty B.

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